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Ditching the Map for a GPS

See clearly for longer with automated marketing analytics.

Getting to value is just like getting across town. You need more than the map in your head or on paper. You need something that knows what is happening ahead of you and can save you time and frustration.

Perspective and context are so important. The human impulse to fly was as much about gaining a new, enlarged view of the Earth as it was about going from A to B faster. One of the reasons why Google Earth is so popular is that it allows you and me to see the Spanish Steps in Rome all the way from outer space down to the street level view from the Via Condotti.

Near my home in Arizona is a large wildlife preserve. It’s right in the middle of Phoenix, but if I placed you in the middle of it without any information, you would think you were in the middle of nowhere. You’d never guess than 2.8 miles away is a very nice restaurant, or that 1.9 miles from your location is a dentist’s office. And you’d have no idea which way to walk because your perspective wouldn’t change at all for a couple of miles.

Proof is all about helping businesses understand where they are via-a-vis where they want to go, how long it’s going to take to get there, and the stuff that is speeding up their journey or slowing it down. To do this, we automated the most accepted multivariable 

regression math anywhere – more than 60,000 data scientists tested the code and validated it. Just like in navigation, the math is very important, but the math also has been around for a long time. So what’s the difference? What makes Proof special?

Automation and AI. Analytics has been hard to operationalize because it has depended on data scientists and analysts. The human factor means that analytics have been very slow to both model and recalculate, very hard to scale, very expensive, and very hard for everyone else to understand the results. Proof used AI and automation to dramatically speed up modeling, and to make the recalculation of each model largely autonomous. Instead of getting 1-2 recalculations each year, your models are automatically recomputed each time new data is delivered to them. This also means that instead of paying $2 million for two models, you get hundreds of models for a lot less money, enabling you to run the same models in every market in which you are engaged instead of just two markets out of the 83 you’re doing business in.

If you’d like to know more about how Proof can help you, I hope you’ll let me or one of our team members know. Everyone wants proof, and we are here to help you get it.

Mark Stouse
Founder and CEO

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