Getting you the Proof you need to win

  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022

For the past few years we’ve heard marketers say a lot of the same things. Several stood out in our minds:

  • “MRM and MMM analytics are way too expensive.”
  • “I want to spend my budget on campaigns, not
  • “Annual contract terms add risk and stress to our lives.”
  • “I need pricing and terms that will sail through Procurement.”
  • “Why isn’t MRM fully integrated with marketing
    mix modeling analytics?”

And you know, we had to agree. Whenever we buy SaaS software, native integrations matter as much as APIs. The cost is key. None of us want to get stuck paying for something that doesn’t help.

We discussed these topics with marketing teams, procurement teams, and finance teams, plus key industry analysts. The alignment across all 120-plus individuals was extraordinary.

Proof MRM on Salesforce™ is the only marketing resource management software built natively on Salesforce Lightning, so it automatically synchs with your data in any Salesforce cloud, speeding your implementation and your value. We’re the only MRM listed in the Salesforce AppExchange. Companies like Samsung and Bayer choose Proof because it is best-in-class and best-in-cost.

Now Proof MRM on Salesforce ™ is even better.

You don’t want to get locked into an annual contract?

All our contracts are now monthly (MRR).

You need simple, low pricing so you can spend more on campaigns?

We’re now $129 per seat per month. That means 10 seats are $1,290 per month, billed to your corporate card. Fifty seats are $6,450 per month. There are no exceptions, add-ins, or drawn-out implementation timetables. Buy as many seats as you want, increase the number as you feel the need.

You want MRMs fully integrated with MMM analytics?

You got it. With our MRM you can get Proof’s award-winning MMM, whether on Salesforce or not. So you can mix-and-match business user seats and analyst seats based on your needs.

In a marketplace where Accountability, Transparency, and ROI are must-have’s, Proof delivers the powerful, streamlined, modern MRM you’ve asked for, at a price guaranteed to get your attention.

At Proof, sustainability is our watchword. Anytime you feel things are not going the way you need them to, you can make a change with 30-days’ notice. That’s important because from the beginning to the end of every workday, we want to give you the Proof you need.

Mark Stouse
Founder and CEO, Proof
Former CMO, Honeywell Aerospace