You need fast, accurate

Cause and Effect Analytics at the Speed of Business

SaaS-based Causal Analytics for an Array of Business Cases

Go-to-Market Effectiveness

Team Performance and Collaboration

Business Transformation Impact

Agency / Consultancy Performance

Geopolitical and Macroeconomic Risk

Tactical, Operational, and Business Strategy Alignment


  • Traditional Causal Analytics
  • Infrequent Updates
    6-12 months to recompute
  • Hard to scale
    Many questions unanswered
  • Manual Models
    Costly + time consuming
  • Stagnant, Aging Insights
    Out-of-date already…
  • Consultant Driven
    Costly, Unaffordable at Scale
  • Proof™
  • Continuous Updating
    Keeps pace with business
  • Unlimited Modeling
    Insights for entire business
  • Automated Models
    Fast, low-latency answers
  • Decision Support
    Easy to understand
  • SaaS Automation & AI
    Low TCO, High Leverage

Salesforce Talks about Proof GPS, now Proof



AWS Talks About the Combined Power of Proof GTM Manager and Proof

Explore Different Scenarios

  • Get actionable performance insights
  • Develop predictive forecasts at scale
  • Identify performance by real-time success indicators
  • Share insights, make better decisions
Explore Different Scenarios

Build Unlimited Models

  • Build rapid efficient models 
  • Run analysis at scale
  • Understand performance drivers
  • Enjoy automated model recalculation
Build and Configure Models

Run rapid "What-if" Scenarios

  • Create one-on-one relationships
  • Understand varying correlation strength over time
  • Auto identify relevant time lags
  • Focus on the factors that matter
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Proof's 8-Step Collaboration Process

Proof has structured the Analytics-Led Journey into an 8-Step Engagement Methodology to help you navigate the complexities and challenges of modern business: resource constraints, credibility with the C-suite, costly analytics expertise, data silos.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8

A Note From Our Founder

CEO Mark Stouse discusses why we made the Proof MMM and why it changes the game for Marketing teams.

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