How can Proof make me a better CMO?


How can Proof make me a better CMO? Look at Mark Stouse video, CEO of Proof Analytics, giving his best tips.

My best tip is: spend a lot of time with your CFO and with business leaders. Don’t hang out with marketers nearly as much as with sales guys. Hang out with your customers and really get to know everyone else. If you’re a CMO you already know marketing pretty much cold. Your biggest opportunities are going to be to become a business leader. A business leader who happens to specialize in marketing.

Because that’s exactly what everyone else in the c-suite is. Really great general counsel is a business leader who happens to be a lawyer. A great CFO is a business leader. So, this is the difference between a cost side CFO and a growth CFO. A growth CFO is a CFO who is a business leader who then is doing a finance role but the context for him doing that finance role is the growth in business.

It will also help you to really understand what’s most important to the business and that’s what you should be mapping your marketing activities against.

Proof Analytics helps you measure your marketing efforts, understand the results, and analyze them to reveal the cause and effect relationships.

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