Proof MMM™

Gain clear visibility into the tactics and channels that yield the best returns on your marketing investments.

Traditional MMM vs. Proof Business GPS™

Take a look at how Proof compares to traditional MMM methods.

Traditional MMM

  • Consultancy Driven
  • Manual Models
    Costly + time consuming
  • Only 1-2 Models
    Stale results
  • Infrequent Updating
    Slow, high latency
  • Stagnant Deliverables
    Out-of-date already…

Proof MMM

  • Software Driven
    Lower TCO
  • Automated Models
  • Unlimited Modeling
  • Continuous Updating
    Keeps pace
  • Dashboards + Integrations
    Easier to interpret
What If Analysis(HighRes Screenshot)

Run More "What-if" Scenarios Rapidly

  • Rapidly create one-on-one relationships
  • Understand varying correlation strength over time
  • Automatically identify relevant time lags
  • Eliminate extraneous factors from further analysis
Create Models(HighRes Screenshot)

Build and Configure Models

  • Build models quickly and efficiently 
  • Run analysis at scale with rapid model iteration
  • Understand the drivers of performance 
  • Automated recalculation of models
Explore Relationships(HighRes Screenshot)

Explore Different Scenarios

  • Gain fast, actionable insights about performance
  • Develop predictive forecasts at scale
  • Identify performance with real-time success indicators
  • Automated recalculation of forecasts
  • Share insights easily for proactive decision-making

Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce

Leonardo Carbonara, Global Product Management Leader for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, shares why Proof BusinessGPS™ is "the missing piece" when it comes to marketing optimization and delivering true closed loop marketing.

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