The Return of the Budgetary Business Case, Complete with Causal Forecasting and Accountability, Efficiency, and Optimization.

Economic Uncertainty
You need as much certainty as possible, given today's marketplace volatility. Scrutiny is the name of the game for every budgetary part of your organization, and marketing is near the bullseye.
Common sense and business experience say that marketing investments enable a multiplier effect on sales success. Why, then, is it so hard to measure?

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GTM Capabilities
The key metrics and causal analytics you need are not in the playbook for most functional teams. The FP&A toolkit must evolve.
Business complexity demands analytical rigor: model budget and functional mix scenarios to determine their commercial impact. Causal analytics provide direct linkage between many variables and financial results, measured in the hard language of business effectiveness, efficiency, materiality, and causality.
Organizational Trust and
Financial Accountability in Marketing

F1000 CFO: "The Rising Cost of New Cash & the Extraordinary Opportunity Cost on our Existing Cash Mean We Can't Afford to Be Really Wrong Anymore."

Evaluating The Situation:

  • It's important to recognize that Non-Linearity and Time to Impact ("time lag") defines the amount of time it takes for functional investments to operationalize into business impact. For example, Marketing in B2B is a non-linear multiplier of linear areas of business performance, like Sales. This means that while Marketing and Sales create significant GTM synergies, they do it asynchronously in time. This presents a significant challenge for functional leaders, who are often expected to show results within a quarter when the time lag is several quarters.
  • Continuing the GTM example: in B2B, Marketing and Sales isn't simple and will never be simple. Purchase decisions are complicated actions across groups, and these groups are growing rapidly. Even more complex, other factors like the difference in time lag for effects seen from different channels or programs and feedback loops where actions ultimately have multiple effects. And nearly two-thirds of the factors that influence the success or failure of GTM investments related to the impact coming from competitors, economic conditions, brand reputation, and government regulation.
Capabilities Your GTM Team Needs
Value Path
You're looking for a causal chain that directly connects marketing investments and actions to revenue growth, customer acquisition, and profit margins. You're looking for a Rosetta Stone that can translate marketing activities into the financial language of ROI, cost-saving, and predictive analytics.

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Forecasting Value
You need the ability to forecast accurately as a requirement to obtain and maintain budgets. It is insufficient to rely on historical data alone; marketing leaders must navigate a forward-looking approach, gauging the real-time market pulse and predicting outcomes effectively.
Scenario Modeling
Marketing is a complex web of a growing number of purchase influencers on one side, and a large set of engagement tactics on the other. Unraveling this complexity doesn't happen in the tools your team has today. They need tools to apply advanced analytic techniques to determine business impact based on a range of budget and marketing mix scenarios.

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