Past is not Prologue:

Your Business Environment is Changing

All the Time

The Economic Challenges

In the last 18 months, the economics of GTM have been turned upside down.
  • Business is harder to close. Gartner reports that the average deal cycle has doubled; another report indicates that Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) has plummeted.
  • Pricing pressure is surreal. One source has indicated that the Average Contract Value (ACV) is the lowest in the three years they tracked.

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The Challenges for Marketing Investments

Every leadership team at every company is fighting the same fight. All are counting on marketing investments to be effective, demonstrably effective. Yet too many times, this resolves to crossed fingers and a historical internal belief structure that this is true.

Reboot the Relationship Between Your Business

Functions and Finance

Rising Cost of Cash Demands Better, Faster Business Decisions

How should you consider these changes and interactions across your organization?

Go-to-market (GTM) strategy should be approached as an investment portfolio akin to a growth fund. Successful GTM requires selecting the right investments and maintaining an appropriate mix responsive to market changes.
Invest in Building a Value Path for Your Business Investments
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Analytics Technology, Talent, and Skills Development:
The odds are that your functional teams cannot answer the questions you need answered about their effectiveness, materiality, efficiency, and sustainability.  Proof answers all of those questions with proven math deployed and automated natively on Salesforce and AWS.
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Predictive Analytics for Business Outcomes:
Deploy predictive analytics and causal forecasting to understand the potential effects of your investments and the marketplace on your objectives.  Proof operates exactly like a GPS.
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Asynchronous Value Creation:
Optimize for short, medium, and long-term value realization, acknowledging that the full value of marketing efforts may unfold asynchronously over an extended period.

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