GTM Mantra for 2024:

Integrated Performance Solution

It's all about forecasting causal impact on revenue, margin, and cash flow!

The Market Challenge

Face it, the market's turned upside down, and you face the ultimate test: making every dollar count while navigating a labyrinth of economic pressures and performance metrics.

GTM Market compressed

The Solution - Proof Analytics

Traditional tools and metrics don't give you the answers your finance team needs.
Proof Analytics offers clarity from chaos. We empower you to justify your budget with analytics that your finance team will understand.

Face today's GTM turmoil with confidence. Grasp the power of confidence as you optimize and forecast GTM strategy from questioned cost to a provable investment.

Proof Analytics isn't just another tool in the marketing stack—it's the game-changer. Experience the predictive power of Marketing Mix Management with the operational efficiency of Marketing Resource Management. These powerful capabilities are amplified with unmatched native integrations.

Our Platform

We offer businesses a platform that's not just about insights—but streaming insight, foresight, agility, and unparalleled success.

You now have the ability to craft, measure, and optimize campaigns with precision—today's necessity, not a luxury.

Learn Faster, Act Faster, Win Faster: 
Integrated Solution Purpose-Built To Solve The Greatest Challenges in GTM
GTM Planning
  • Dynamic Campaign Tools: Define and understand the intricate hierarchy of diverse campaigns, ensuring strategic alignment.
  • Budget Allocation Dashboards: Dive deep into financial metrics, ensuring optimal allocation and maximizing ROI.
  • Content Strategy Platform: Craft content strategies that are data-backed, resonant, and aligned with campaign objectives.
  • Unified Calendar Dashboards: Get a holistic view of all campaigns, ensuring timely execution and seamless orchestration.
  • Real-time Collaboration Tools: Foster teamwork, ensuring every stakeholder, from strategists to executors, is aligned and in sync.
GTM Optimization
  • Advanced Analytical Models: Dive deep into channel performance with sophisticated models, deciphering complex interdependencies and drawing actionable insights.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Aggregate data from diverse sources, ensuring a thorough analysis that accounts for all variables.
  • Predictive Analytics: Anticipate market trends, audience behaviors, and channel performance, ensuring the marketing mix is always a step ahead.
  • Real-Time Feedback Mechanisms: As campaigns roll out, real-time feedback ensures the marketing mix can be tweaked on-the-fly, ensuring agility and relevance.
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Performance You Can Afford!

Proof GTM Manager™ on Salesforce

  • The Only MRM Native on Salesforce
  • The Only MRM with AI-Driven Causal Analytics
  • Easy & Transparent Marketing Planning, Budgeting, and Scheduling

Proof™ on AWS

  • The Only Causal Analytics that Updates at the Speed of Your Business
  • Run "What if" Wargame Scenarios + Get Clear Visualizations
  • Eliminate the "Black Box" of MMM

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