Proof Marketing Planner

Streamline your marketing operations with transparent planning, budgeting and campaign management. Take advantage of superior functionality for seamless collaboration across Sales and Marketing Cloud.

Proof Marketing Planner is 100% developed in the Salesforce Lighting platform and leverages Salesforce’s standard Campaign Object. So, you can have it all. An intuitive Marketing Planner and all the flexibility and functionality of Salesforce to make it your own.
Marketing Planner with Salesforce
Real time view

Real time view of all Campaign Planning, Customer Journey Touch Points & Marketing Activities

The Proof Marketing Planner provides an intuitive hierarchical structure with a Parent / Child relationship when it comes to Marketing Plans, Journey’s and associated Marketing Activities, supporting up to five levels within this hierarchy.

Collaboration and workflow

Workflow and Collaboration

The Proof Marketing Planner offers intuitive and real-time collaboration from right within the Salesforce platform interface through an integration with Quip. Being built natively on the Salesforce lightning platform allows the usage of standard Salesforce functionality like tasks to manage your workflow. 

track budgets

Budget and Asset Approvals

Track and record progress on budget and asset approvals and compare budgeted costs vs. actuals.

Reporting and visibility

Reporting and Visibility

Leverage Salesforce reporting and Kanban view to report on any data field, including custom fields, and visualize campaign progress via the standard Salesforce Kanban view.

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