Accelerating Value

Accelerating Value is a marketing show for marketing communications, sales, and operations leaders who want to see their business value clearly and succeed, no matter what storms are shaking the marketplace. 

Topics include strategy, value creation, data and analytics, and the current events that give context into your most pressing questions, spanning a wide range of industries.  In each episode, we go beyond the normal marketing podcast to pick the brains of leaders and experts, gaining valuable insights into how they find the way forward and navigate their way to success.

Our most popular shows

Your Customers Define Your Value

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Erica Brinker, CMO, VP Commercial Excellence & Marketing at Honeywell, brings a perspective on accelerating value based in marketing for a long sales cycle and renewing brand value. She shares the importance of eating your own dog food, as well as a strange call she received from her carpet installers.

Trust Vs. Confidence: Why You Need Both

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Russ Somers, the CMO at Trust Radius dives into four big topics. The difference between confidence and trust, why incentivizing things like software reviews actually establishes trust and creates more statistically sound data, positive manipulation, and how the B2B buyer journey is like a marriage. 

Insights from the Godfather of Martech

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Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, has documented the rise of martech since the beginning via his Chief Marketing Technologist blog. It started as a labor of love driven by his fascination with the entanglement happening between IT, software development, and marketing. Since its inception, it has delivered massive value to the industry at large.

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The Opportunity Cost of Creating Value

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Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a challenge to define value for each of your business functions, vertically and horizontally, let alone to assess if it’s being created regularly. Kevin Moriarty, Principal at KMM Ventures, LLC discusses value-based decision-making in an uncertain world.

The Value Proposition of PR

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Lisa Sullivan, Partner, Managing Director Technology Practice at Ketchum, spoke with us about how the value proposition of PR has changed over the course of her career. Not only is PR being perceived more as a two-way street, but communications is serving an even more important role in creating value.

When Risk Means Life or Death

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Ayaz Malik, Group Marketing Manager Digital Strategy at Roche, talks with us about creating value over a long period of time. Rather than a “campaign,” we should be thinking in terms of continuous engagement, constantly making small changes to what we are building based on analytics.

The ROI on Creating Customer Delight

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Chris Walker, CEO at Refine Labs, had a candid conversation with us about why most people have marketing all wrong. Those who view marketers as people who hunt for contact information for sales are living in the late 2000s, while those who view marketers as educators and demand creators.

The Greatest Risks for Marketers

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Jennifer Brenner, CMO at iland Cloud, speaks with us about risk and marketing. Just five years ago, we considered it to be no major risk for our websites to be down for a day or so. Now, a minute can be too long. We discuss the risk mindset shift, the CMO as investment manager, and account-based research.

Mastering the Complexity of Value

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Bob Pearson, CEO of The Bliss Group, has been a part of some really amazing value creation over the course of his career and he shares some of those stories on today’s episode, including how he recently created The Next Practice Group, which maximizes structured value creation for clients.

You Can't Create Value Without Empathy

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The conventional wisdom is that you should avoid mixing the professional with the personal… But that’s wrong. Often, getting better in one makes you better in the other. Just ask Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder at Terminus, who approaches improving as a family man with the same zeal as his marketing. And he’s always adding value in either domain.

Go Where Your Customers Already Are

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Everything is shifting online out of necessity. Not only your tactical choices but also the way you think about online presence can affect your profitability. In this episode, we interview Joe Tran, Chief Marketing Strategist at Brandigy, about how he counsels clients on how value is changing in the marketplace.

2 Pillars of Value: Humility & Recalibration

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We chat with Julie Brown, Global Director of Business Transformation – Services at Johnson Controls, about how the 2 pillars of value – humility & recalibration are rooted in understanding the times. Julie explains that fast analytics are key to delivering value as stagnancy results in missed opportunities. She also hits on the biggest obstacle to driving internal change.

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