About Proof BusinessGPS™ pricing and costs

Do you feel it hard to understand the business model and pricing for Proof BusinessGPS™? Then you can sit down and relax when we walk you through or 3 different packages and how it’s tied to our different solutions.

Proof BusinessGPS on AWS Standard pricing and costs

The standard licensing for Proof BusinessGPS on AWS includes the following.

Let’s start at the top.

Standard Licensing includes 10 Insights. Those 10 insights give the customer the ability to ask 10 business questions and the ability to build multiple regression models in the tool, associated with these business questions. 10 insights equal 10 business questions and associated regression models.

To ensure easy and automated access to relevant data sources needed to answer those business questions, we have included the ability to automatically ingest 10 data sources, with up to 100 accounts for each data source.

Unlike most cloud-based tools, there are no limitations on how many individual users have access to tools, either when creating the regression model or when consuming the insights these regression models deliver OR when creating alternative, future scenarios.

So just to be clear, we do not limit the number of users on the platform. Our standard licensing is built on the number of Insights a customer needs. And it starts with 10 insights.

So how much would an Insight cost then?

Well, one Insight costs $349 per month. The minimum number of insights is 10 and the minimum term of the contracts is 12 months. This means that the minimum annual cost for a customer is $41.880.

On top of that, Proof will charge a mandatory $2000 one-time onboarding fee. 

Now, we fully appreciate that 10 insights might not be enough for some customers. And that’s why customers can buy more Insights, should they need to increase the number of business questions.

The license cost for these additional Insights is exactly the same, $349 per Insight, and will be added to the contract and co-terminate with the original purchase of licenses.

Should the customer need access to exclusive data on, for example, a specific brand, perhaps their own or a competitor, they can do so by buying access to Proof’s Brand Reputation Benchmark Data, starting at $1990 per month per brand.

We continue to add new elements to the platform, hence we recommend you stay up to date by checking our pricing page on our website regularly.

Proof BusinessGPS on Salesforce Standard or Enterprise pricing and costs

The other way of consuming Proof BusinessGPS is to do so on Salesforce.

Should the customer want to consume Proof Business GPS on Salesforce, there are two flavors a customer can choose between.

Standard and Enterprise.

The Standard package on Salesforce is very similar to the Standard Package of Proof BusinessGPS on AWS.

A customer gets 10 Insights and access to up to 10 data sources, and up to 100 accounts per data source, just like they would on the Standard package on Proof BusinessGPS on AWS. The pricing is exactly the same.

$349 per Insight per month, the minimum number of insights being 10 and with a minimum term of 12 months, taking the annual cost to $41.880.

The one difference between Proof BusinessGPS on Salesforce and Proof BusinessGPS on AWS is that Proof BusinessGPS on Salesforce comes with Marketing Planning capabilities.

This capability is part and parcel of Proof BusinessGPS on Salesforce and comes loaded with licenses for 10 users at no extra cost.

Should the customer need more user licenses for the Marketing Planning capabilities, these can be added throughout the contract term.

The cost of a new user license is $149 per month and will be added to the contract and co-terminate with the original purchase of licenses.

And just like in the case of Proof BusinessGPS on AWS, additional data can be added to the platform, should the customer decide to do so. Proof’s Brand Reputation Benchmark Data comes in at $1990 per month per brand.

And as before, it’s worth mentioning that more data options will be added through the year, so stay up to date by checking our pricing page on a regular basis.

There is also an Enterprise bundle available for customers who need something bigger.

Instead of just having 10 Insights to start with, a customer choosing the Enterprise package will get 20 Insights as part of the Enterprise package. The number of Data Sources is still kept at 10 with the ability to add up to 100 accounts per data source.

We’ve increased the number of included user licenses for the Marketing Planner capabilities from 10 to a whopping 50 users to encourage wider adoption of these capabilities.

The total annual cost of the Enterprise package is $113.880.

A mandatory one-time onboarding fee of $4000 will be added to both the Standard- and the Enterprise package.