Proof Analytics Expands Go-To-Market Alliance with Salesforce

Delivers Award-Winning Proof BusinessGPS™ on the Salesforce Platform

Proof BusinessGPS on Salesforce includes full-scale campaign planning, budgeting and approvals, KPI tracking, and causal analytics that enable predictive and prescriptive marketing optimization

Seamless, automated downloads of key commercial data directly from a customer’s Salesforce Clouds, Datorama, Tableau, as well as many other data sources

Salesforce: “Proof has done for analytics what Tableau did for data visualization. We see Proof as the ‘missing piece’ to deliver true closed-loop marketing.”

Gibraltar CMO Debbie Murphy: “Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce has completely changed the game for marketers.”

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and SAN FRANCISCO, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Intensifying its technology and go-to-market alliance with the global software titan, Proof Analytics today announced the delivery of Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce.

Watch the #Salesforce video about Proof Analytics here.

Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce gives Salesforce customers what they’ve never had from any other vendor: an automated, full-cycle solution that combines full planning, budgeting and measurement capabilities with the power of causal statistics and automated marketing optimization analytics, instantly lapping legacy marketing performance management (MPM) offerings from companies such as Allocadia, Hive9, Everflow, and Adobe, and completely disrupting the speed, cost and scalability of traditional marketing analytics services delivered by companies such as Nielsen.

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Julie BrownJohnson Controls‘ global business transformation leader, said, “Proof makes me feel like I’m in the cockpit of a fighter jet, providing the instrumentation needed to guide powerful programs. It’s very empowering, and it transforms the conversations that business leaders need to have with marketing teams. Johnson Controls has renewed our relationship with Proof multiple times – it is a fantastic platform. We will be adding Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce to our next renewal.”

Debbie Murphy, CMO of Gibraltar Industries, said, “Strategically framed marketing can be a major multiplier of revenue and profitability for the business. But until now, proving that was hard, and even the most advanced marketing teams had to cobble together measurement and analytics to do so, often at great expense. Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce has changed the game completely, delivering the first-ever full-cycle planning, budgeting, KPI tracking and automated causal, forecasting and optimization analytics platform, at a price every CMO can afford.”

Christopher Gately, chief revenue officer of management consulting firm Paradigm Technology, added: “The platform-level integration of Proof Analytics and the Salesforce clouds is a major breakthrough in the operationalizing of analytics and a huge business transformation opportunity for customers, whether in the area of go-to-market optimization or any number of other transformation projects. Our enterprise clients already find Proof BusinessGPS™ very compelling, and we look forward to introducing them to the enriched version on the Salesforce platform.”

Sangram Vajre, best-selling author, B2B CMO, and founder of ABM leader Terminus, said: “For years, marketers and business leaders have struggled to work as #OneTeam. It’s one of the longest-lasting feuds in the business world. Proof BusinessGPS™ solves this longstanding problem by automating the necessary calculations to deliver a single source of extremely accurate, easily understood analytical truth about Marketing’s multiplier effect on business and sales performance. The platform is a very effective bridge between the way business and marketing leaders think about impact, value, time to value, and ROI.”

Kyle Brantley, Proof’s chief product officer and the award-winning technical architect of the Proof BusinessGPS™ platform, said: “Proof gives marketing teams the full suite of campaign planning templates, budgeting and approvals, KPI tracking and automated optimization analytics, and wargaming – all in a single pane of glass and regularly refreshed with automated data feeds from any Salesforce cloud or other data source. Proof also auto-ranks the effectiveness of your campaigns and campaign components based on their impact across different time horizons, giving you clear guidance to adjust and realign your planning, optimize your marketing spend, and analyze the resulting audience impact and business performance.”

Donovan Neale-May, executive director and founder of the CMO Council, said: “Proof has delivered a powerful suite of self-service analytics that compute business impact and how long it takes to generate that impact, all embedded in the highly collaborative Salesforce platform. Marketing teams now can plan, forecast, execute and ultimately prove their business and financial impact with precision, predictability and profitability. I particularly like the way Proof has crowdsourced the collective perspective of so many top business and marketing leaders to build a platform that meets the needs of the business as well as marketing and communications.”

Introductory enterprise pricing for Proof BusinessGPS on Salesforce™ starts at $3,990 per month, including onboarding and unlimited seat access. Special agency and consultancy subscriptions are also available. Direct provisioning of high-frequency Mettle brand, reputation, trust and ESG data for the Global 2000 also is available via Proof DataOn™ data marketplace.

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