The Path to Proof and Automated Marketing Mix Modeling

The Path to Proof and Automated Marketing Mix Modeling: 10 years of CxO collaboration and real-world experience have produced the first software that actually computes the business impact of B2B marketing and communications

The fact is, the path to Proof has been a long one. But after ten years of intense development, deployment, testing, iteration and collaboration with top business leaders. I couldn’t be more excited to announce that Proof is ready for prime time.

Proof changes the game for B2B marketers. As a long-time B2B marketing and communications leader, I have worked to prove the precise value that marketing brings to long-cycle businesses.

I’m not just talking about collecting more marketing data.  It’s important to track reach and click-through rate and the countless other KPIs that marketing deals with today. It’s helpful to play around with multi-touch attribution models. But one is just data, and the other is an educated guess based on formulas where the marketing team decides on the weightings.

Neither has found acceptance in the C-suites and board rooms of large, complex B2B companies for one big reason. The first is a bunch of siloed data, and the second are formulas with no computed confirmation of their accuracy.

So, let’s cut to the chase… At the end of the day, what matters is being able to walk into your board room and definitively show how your marketing and communications investments have translated to actual business impact. Even when that “cause and effect” is separated by many, many months.

That’s what Proof does. It’s the first software platform to accurately compute – versus simply model – both marketing attribution and the true business impact of marketing and communications.

Proof tells you not just what happened in the past, or what’s happening now. But how it all fits together. The crucial cause-and-effect relationships between various and seemingly unrelated activities over time.

There are a lot of great martech tools out there. When we started Proof, we knew we were entering a crowded landscape, and that our solution had to be not just different.  It had to fill the only big hole that still remains. How is it possible that with so much data and so many software options. The C-suites and board rooms are still looking for these answers?

Proof improves on the competition by federating all of your available marketing and business data, as well as external data, to compute how marketing affects the business metrics that matter.

Things like sales productivity, customer confidence and trust, employee retention and morale, and many other key areas. It can calculate the impact that one part of marketing has on the performance of another part. It can compute headwind and tailwind factors, and deliver a unique, contextualized view of the ripple effect generated by different marketing investments on various business outcomes.

Proof can be very tactical or very strategic (or both.) For example, Proof might determine that a company experiences a high correlation between PR coverage and sales velocity. If a company knew it needed to increase deal velocity, they could decide to put more resources toward PR and influencer relations.

Part of the genius of Proof is that it also can decipher how long it will take for that investment in media relations to impact sales. Enabling a marketing team to predict different parts of the marketing mix much more effectively.

For me, Proof is also so much more than software – it’s my professional passion. I’ve been working on solving these problems for most of my career. Over the last ten years, my teams at HP, BMC Software and Honeywell Aerospace worked with everyone from Fortune 100 executives to the folks in the trenches to figure out a way to build a marketing analytics solution that was truly meaningful.

We believe Proof is it, and a lot of other people appear to believe that too.  Some of our investors and advisors are senior business leaders and agency partners who participated along the way in the evolution of this system and this software, and who have personally seen it work.

The early adopters are there too.  Proof has signed some of the top agencies and consulting groups in the world, including W2O GroupActual, and PRIME Research.  LDWW Group, with clients such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Omni Hotels and Resorts, GameStop Corporation, and the Big 12 Sports Conference, is both a Proof investor and a partner. Fifth Ring, a marketing agency representing global energy and industrial clients such as Aberdeen Harbor, Global Maritime, Al Mansoori, Servion and International Enterprise Singapore, will offer Proof to its clients.

Proof isn’t just live – it’s in the hands of some of the top minds in the business. I for one can’t wait to see where they take it.

Read the press release for all the launch details. Browse the website to get to know the platform. Reach out on social to get to know us, the motley “old-guy” crew behind this incredibly exciting piece of technology.

For years, B2B marketers and communications pros have created significant business impact for their companies, but few could prove it.  As a business, Proof has many metrics of our success. But perhaps none are more important to us than seeing CMOs, CCOs and their teams finally get the credit they deserve.

I’m happy you took your time to read about the path to Proof and automated marketing mix modeling.