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Get Back on Track 2021 – Proof announcement

1 February, 2021
Niklas Karlsson

What drives Sales in 2021?

We at Proof Analytics want to help you make the most of 2021 and from now until the last day of March you can be part of our Get Back on Track 2021 promotion.

Get Back on Track 2021 offers you a unique opportunity to take a “sneak peak” into 2021 and to find out which marketing efforts you should be investing in. We are doing this by analyzing your existing marketing and sales data. The promotion is 100% free-of-charge.

What do participating companies get from Get Back on Track 2021?

Engaging with Proof is really easy and once completed, you will receive a report with the following.

  • Sales projections based on historical data
  • Your two best performing marketing tactics
  • Alternative scenarios for sales projections
  • Tactics Multiplier Effects

Visit our home page to get more information and possiblity to sign-up.

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You’ve heard that time is money, right? Just like any investment, we need to know that Marketing was worth it. Not only how much, but how long it took to get the ROI. The longer it takes, the bigger the risk that it won’t happen, and the bigger the return has to be.

Bob Beauchamp
Chairman Of The Board Of Directors - BMC Software
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