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How to grow with little in time of need – Water in the desert

8 May, 2020
Niklas Karlsson


How to grow with little in time of need? Listen to Kevin Moriarty in this video talking about how analytics can be used to understand what costs to cut without damaging sales both in the short- and long term.

Kevin Moriarty is a #Fortune100 #CFO who has weathered many storms, helping to lead many-billion-dollar companies like Honeywell Aerospace, Avnet, and JDA Software through great volatility. Many companies today desperately need the same insight into the efficacy and #ROI of marketing spend. But budgets are slammed, and cost is a real consideration.

In this video he talk about how marketing mix modeling can be used to identify the business value of all your marketing activities. What activities are actually driving sales? What activities can be cut without affecting sales in the short term or long term.

Proof Analytics is a fully automated MMM platform that is delivered as a managed service, enabling you to get all the cost, speed and scalability advantages of SaaS combined with the right level of customization. We are not here to just sell you software. We are here to help you solve a big hairy problem, all while surviving and thriving.

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You’ve heard that time is money, right? Just like any investment, we need to know that Marketing was worth it. Not only how much, but how long it took to get the ROI. The longer it takes, the bigger the risk that it won’t happen, and the bigger the return has to be.

Bob Beauchamp
Chairman Of The Board Of Directors - BMC Software
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