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Learn How to Invest Your Marketing Spend Differently to Drive Bigger, Profitable Deals

19 October, 2019
Niklas Karlsson


Learn how to invest your marketing spend differently to drive bigger, profitable deals is the way to make your CFO happy!

How to make your CFO happy? – Mark Stouse: Long sales cycles exist almost exclusively because customers feel a strong need to reduce their risk around a buy decision. Aerospace is one of these. We helped one major aerospace company understand how to invest their go-to-market spend differently to drive bigger, more profitable deals while also improving average deal velocity.

Watch the video here or directly on our Insight page.

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You’ve heard that time is money, right? Just like any investment, we need to know that Marketing was worth it. Not only how much, but how long it took to get the ROI. The longer it takes, the bigger the risk that it won’t happen, and the bigger the return has to be.

Bob Beauchamp
Chairman Of The Board Of Directors - BMC Software
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