Proof CEO talks marketing, business and history on W2O podcast

If you know me, you know I’m passionate about the evolution of marketing. And the need for CMOs to get better at reporting how their activities impact their overall business goals.

That’s why I started building Proof more than a decade ago. Because business leaders at the companies where I worked, specifically Mark Hurd at HP, were starting to demand it.

So, the opportunity to talk about these trends with Aaron Strout at W2O on their What2Know podcast was an easy decision and a big honor.

The podcast is live now, and I’d encourage anyone interested in the changing role of the CMO and the shortcomings of current marketing analytics and attribution models to give it a listen.

In addition to that heavy material on the state of marketing and the Proof journey. We also have some fun talking about the most interesting people I’ve met. And what’s been on my recent reading list.

You can find the podcast here or on our Insight page.

Happy listening!

//Mark Stouse, CEO, Proof Analytics