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What marketing category gives you the biggest bang for your buck

11 September, 2019
Niklas Karlsson


What marketing category gives you the biggest bang for your buck? See a video here with our CEO Mark Stouse where he explains this further or see it directly from our Insight page.

We have seen that most companies underspend on PR. But the great thing about Proof is that it can get at the heart of complex correlations. For example, while PR alone may be cheap and effective, Proof can show you the relationship between, for example, advertising and PR on awareness.

You can see how each campaign performs against awareness along with the relationships, good or bad, that occur between the two in isolation. You can also easily invert them and learn to what extent one magnifies the effects of the other.

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You’ve heard that time is money, right? Just like any investment, we need to know that Marketing was worth it. Not only how much, but how long it took to get the ROI. The longer it takes, the bigger the risk that it won’t happen, and the bigger the return has to be.

Bob Beauchamp
Chairman Of The Board Of Directors - BMC Software
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