Navigate the Complex Ocean of Data with MMM

Analytics to Match the Speed of Business

Today's customer journey is more complicated than ever for both B2B and B2C business. Multiple touch points - email, social, website visits, webinars -  have ignited an explosion of data and created an ocean of complexity. Trying to find business value in this sea of data is overwhelming and near paralyzing. 

An analytics-led journey with Proof’s modern MMM solution accelerates your ability to make sense of this complexity.  With automated data feeds and correlation analysis, you can easily develop predictive models that include and account for internal and external data such as ESG (brand, reputation, and trust).  Easy-to-understand model visualizations help both the marketer and the data analyst uncover the cause-and-effect relationships that are driving meaningful business outcomes.

Proof BusinessGPS™, the modern Marketing Mix Modeling (m-MMM) solution, addresses key challenges facing marketers and data analysts.
Siloed Data

Challenge 1

Data Silos

Data is stored across websites, devices, ad platforms, social media, data lakes. Proof breaks down these barriers and helps you create value from the data you need.

Variety of Data

Challenge 2

Data Distraction

Big data solutions help you manage the volume of data. Proof cuts through this noise prescriptively by indexing strategic business questions to the data sets that matter. 

Privacy Data - MMM

Challenge 3

Personal Data

Increasing privacy concerns and government regulations (GDPR) mean techniques like multi-touch attribution (MTA) are less reliable and predictive. Proof’s analytics connect business outcomes to marketing activities without relying on personal data. 


Proof BusinessGPS™ = The Modern MMM Solution

Purpose-built to streamline your analytics-led journey

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Connect activities to outcomes using automated multivariable analysis over time. Gain visibility into time lag impact.
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Quantify the cause and effect relationships among activities – including non-marketing external factors (headwinds & tailwinds). Incorporate risk factors associated with the growing importance of ESG.
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Unlimited data modeling with automatic updating for scale and speed.
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Visualize ‘what-if’ scenarios and business outcomes to optimize marketing spend.

Generate More Deals and Higher Profitability in Shorter Sales Cycles

Shorten sale cycles and time to value with predictive analytics that allow you to prove the powerful cause-and-effect relationships between sales, marketing, customer experience, and marketplace realities. Proof allows companies to understand how to invest their go-to-market spend differently to drive bigger, more profitable deals, while also improving average deal velocity. 

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Proof BusinessGPS™

  • The first and most advanced automated marketing optimization platform, based on Marketing Mix Modeling.
  • Automate data ingestion

  • Predict impact, value, time lag, and ROI

  • Optimize investment vs. external factors

  • Forecast "what-if" scenarios

Proof Marketing Planner™

  • Native on Salesforce
    The only marketing resource management solution for planning, collaborating, & reporting on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Control the planning process

  • Collaborate through automated workflows

  • Track and record budget or asset approvals

  • Continuous reporting on status and progress