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The world around us is transforming. Here we are examining the phenomena, technology and people that help shape our business environment with important insights. Insights to transform the world and our businesses with the help of marketing analytics.

23 November, 2021
9 Marketing Analytics Trends to Expect in 2022
2 September, 2021
5 Ways to Know How Specific Marketing Channels Contribute to KPI’s
26 August, 2021
8 Ways to Optimize ROI on Your Marketing Program With Data Analytics
19 August, 2021
How to Predict & Prove Cause & Effect Relationships in Marketing
8 June, 2021
9 Channels B2C Brands Can Optimize To Increase Revenue & Purchases
4 June, 2021
Why Use Prescriptive Analytics to Optimize the Marketing Mix?
25 May, 2021
8 Reasons Marketing Analytics Should be in Your Growth Strategy
17 May, 2021
What Are Advanced Marketing Analytics & How Can They Help Me as a CMO?
13 May, 2021
Analytics & Insights: Top 10 MarTech Investment Priorities in 2021
10 May, 2021
5 of The Best Performing Marketing Tactics in 2021
4 May, 2021
5 Ways to Plan your Marketing Strategy with Foresight & Prescriptive Analytics
3 May, 2021
It’s Time for Data Science to be Simple, Fast and Easily Understandable for Everyone.
29 April, 2021
4 Tips to Plan Your Route to Value with Advanced Marketing Analytics
27 April, 2021
Marketing Insights: How to Create an Analytics-Driven Mindset in 5 Steps
21 April, 2021
What is Predictive Analytics & How Can it Help My Marketing Strategy?
16 April, 2021
Facebook + Apple Privacy War: What It Means For Tracking & Marketing Analytics
12 April, 2021
Marketing Analytics: The Value of Measurable ROI
7 April, 2021
Better Together. The Proof Partner Acceleration Program lifts off!
31 March, 2021
Marketing Analytics and Why it’s Important
16 March, 2021
Data Analytics & the Future of Marketing
16 March, 2021
Understanding marketing ROI is a lot like studying climate change or pandemics
17 February, 2021
Every business needs a full-funnel marketing strategy
15 February, 2021
How eBay Classifieds found their marketing model
10 February, 2021
Using small data as BusinessGPS
1 February, 2021
Get Back on Track 2021 – Proof announcement
26 January, 2021
Growing up in two worlds – Maziar Nodehi
14 January, 2021
About getting started and use Proof BusinessGPS™
14 January, 2021
About Proof BusinessGPS™ pricing and costs
14 January, 2021
Why Proof BusinessGPS™, and how does it work?
13 January, 2021
One of the greatest MMM experts in the U.S.
4 March, 2020
Managing marketing analytics for the largest companies in the world
4 March, 2020
Gajendra Jangid, CMO & co-founder of Cars24
2 March, 2020
Mark Stouse announced to Top 10 analytic leaders 2020
20 February, 2020
From U.S. Army to MMM expert at McDonald’s – Alex Gaski
4 February, 2020
One of the world’s great marketing analysts
13 January, 2020
Ajay Ahuja, one of the world’s top MMM champions
14 October, 2019
The Marketing Proof Gap
10 April, 2019
Do you have a GPS for your marketing and sales spend?
28 February, 2019
Is personalization & ID resolution worth risking customer trust?
16 February, 2018
Correlation is not Causality’s Consolation Prize
15 May, 2017
Another Year, Another Giant Marketing Technology Supergraphic
4 April, 2017
CMOs, get yourselves out of the line of fire
6 December, 2016
The Path to Proof and Automated Marketing Mix Modeling

You’ve heard that time is money, right? Just like any investment, we need to know that Marketing was worth it. Not only how much, but how long it took to get the ROI. The longer it takes, the bigger the risk that it won’t happen, and the bigger the return has to be.

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